Commonly asked questions about Engineering and Surveying.

Q: What is a Mortgage Location Survey?

A: This document used for title and lending purposes, will show your improvements graphically to scale in relation to your record platted information. In most cases, a bank will require this for your loan to make sure there are no encroachments and complies to building setback requirements. In the past this document has been referred as a Plot Plan and an As-Built Survey and now has revised standards.
Q: How much is a “survey”.

A: Our rates are calculated based on a time and materials basis. These costs vary greatly depending on the monumentation, parcel location, lot size, and the elements to name a few.
Q: Should we pump the septic tank prior to an adequacy test?

A: No, The test should be performed under full operating level and adequacy inspections are tested when there is “day to day use”. It’s possible a two day test will required to qualify as such.
Q: I want to build a fence, how do i know it’s on my lot line?

A: We would locate or re-establish your property corner locations, then establish the property line in question by either brushing the lot line and/or setting surveyors lath on the line without cutting any trees.
Q: I think my neighbor is encroaching onto my lot, what do I do?

A: A certified As-Built survey and/or boundary survey is needed to locate the structure and verify the property line in question.